yazi Sunflower Washable Elastic Sofa Cover 1/2/3 Seater Couch Stretch Sette Slipcover, Three Seater

Package Quantity:1 | Size:Three Seater Size Chart-if your sofa’s length with 90cm-140cm / 35-55inch, please choice size ‘chair/1 seater’-if your sofa’s length with 145cm-185cm / 57-72inch, please choice size ‘loveseat/2 seater’-if your sofa’s length with 190cm-230cm / 74-90inch, please choice size ‘sofa/3 seater’-If your sofa is L-Shaped ,this is our suggestions:(1)L-shape 2+2 seats:2 x 2 […]

Diafine 2 Bath Black & White Film Developer Concentrate, Makes 1 Qt. of Solution

Diafine is usable over a wide temperature range with one developing time for all films. Fast, medium and slow films can now be developed simultaneously without adjustment in developing time. All films with the exception of a few extremely slow emulsions are automatically developed to normal contrast. Time and temperature have no practical effect if […]

Reid Select JCL-293 Threaded-Stud Thermoplastic Adjustable Handle 3.15 Inch Long, 3/8-16 x 1.50 thd.

These adjustable handles act as a standard clamping lever yet can adjust to several positions. Pulling up on the handle disengages it, while the insert or stud remains stationary, allowing you to adjust the handle to the desired position. Releasing the handle reengages it for tightening and loosening. Allows for convenient positioning for maximum leverage, […]

Tapco 203-00702 Sand-Cast Aluminum Pineapple Finial Cap, Black, For 4′ OD Round Post Toppers

Tapco pineapple finial cap add a distinctive accent to the posts in your neighborhood, downtown or development. Produced from sand-cast aluminum, our finials are powder-coated gloss black for durability. Secured with 3 stainless steel allen set screws. Use for 4-inches outside diameter round post topper. Decorative Vulcan black finish.