Peak Design Range Pouch (Charcoal)

Versatile pouch for lens and accessory carryWhether you re toting a lens (or two), flash, mic, drone, tape measure, or other oft-used piece of gear, Range Pouch will keep it secure, protected and instantly accessible. And it does so with a low-profile design, clean aesthetic, and thoughtful features that you won t see in other pouch systems.Sturdy belt loops allow mounting without removing your belt. Expandable opening with silent, unidirectional hook-and-loop closure facilitates lightning-fast access.Thick premium felt padding protects, and folds down to allow stacking of multiple smaller lenses or items.Anchor attachment points let you carry Range Pouch with any Peak Design strap.    A GIANT LEAP FOR POUCH-KINDRange Pouch is everything that traditional lens pouches aren t: feature-rich, low-profile, elegant, and thoughtfully designed to carry lenses, caps, cards, flashes, and non-photo gear of all kinds.MILLION DOLLAR DRONE HOMEDJI s new Mavic drone fits perfectly inside the large Range Pouch, giving you a sleek, protective holster for your most precious of toys.Available in 3 sizes:PICK YOUR SIZE (ONE SUPPLIED)SMALLHolds 4.8 max height, 3.4 max diameter. Fits 1-2 small prime lenses, or DLSR kit lenses. (ex: 50mm ฦ’1.4)MEDIUMHolds 6.8 max height, 4.1 max diameter. Fits larger kit lenses, or mid-zoom lenses. (ex: 24-70mm ฦ’2.8)LARGEHolds 9.3 max height, 4.6 max diameter. Fits telephoto lenses, or 2 mid-sized lenses. (ex 70-200mm ฦ’2.8)The Large pouch is also the ideal size for carrying a DJI Mavic drone.NEED HELP CHOOSING?Check out our Pouch Size help article.Flexibility Built In> Small (prime and small kit lenses)> Medium (large kit and mid zoom lenses, or 2 primes)> Large (telephoto lenses or 2 smaller lenses, or a DJI Mavic drone)(One size supplied)WEAR IT HOW YOU LIKE ITRAPID BELT ATTACHMENTRigid, hook-and-loop affixed belt loops allow quick belt mounting without the need to remove your belt.WORKS WITH PEAK DESIGN STRAPSHypalon Anchor attachments (2 Anchors included) let you attach any Peak Design strap (sold separately) and wear Range Pouch as a sling bag.INTELLIGENT ACCESSSILENT 1-WAY CLOSUREUnidirectional hook and loop faster opens silently and closes securely.EXPANDABLE TOP FLAPAdjustable flap opening expands to fit lenses and other items of a wide length range.EASY REACH OPENINGPouch opening is gusseted with stretch mesh, allowing easy access and keeping contents secure when pouch is closed

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This is Peak Design Range Pouch (Charcoal) Sale Brand New for the favorite.Here there are reasonable item details. One more choice for your online shopping. Because of everyone who came to check out us to view our products.

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